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If you’re the sort of person who never keeps any wine for more than a week or two then a cellar might not be necessary. But if you always like to have a few dozen bottles around the place and tend to keep bottles for months or years before drinking them, then you need a Spiral Cellar.

A Spiral Cellar will enable you to keep hundreds of bottles in ideal conditions for as long as you want. You can buy wines by the case (still the cheapest way of purchasing) and keep them for a few years to see how they develop. You can buy a vintage of the same wine for ten years to create your own ‘vertical’ collection. And you can take advantage of special deals, knowing that you’ve got the space – and perfect conditions – to store your latest purchase.

In short, a Spiral Cellar will open up the fascinating world of wine to you like never before.

“If you install a Spiral Cellar, you’ll never need to worry about your wine being in poor conditions. You’ll be able to pull a wine off the shelf with confidence, whether it’s been there for six months or six years, or more.” - Vincent Gasnier, Master Sommelier.

Spiral Cellars is the established expert in wine storage for the home, specialising in unique premium wine cellars and bespoke wine rooms.  Over the last three decades, more than 20,000 Spiral Cellars have been built in France and over 3,000 in the UK, where the company has been operating since 1981. And now thanks to the cooperation WINETIME with Spiral Cellar it can be set in Ukraine.

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What is a Spiral Cellar?

The short answer is: It’s the quickest, most cost-effective and easiest way, of building a wine cellar for your home. This is a system that comprises a liner to keep out water, modules to store wine, spiral stairs and trap door to fit with your requirements. It can be located anywhere from kitchen to conservatory (not south facing), workshop to study.

You don’t need an existing basement or cellar – we create it for you!

“Not only does a Spiral Cellar add value to your property but, compared to the cost of external warehousing, the cellar also pays for itself within 10-15 years.”

It can keep up to 1,900 bottles in ideal storage conditions and like a traditional cellar, it relies on the surrounding earth for its insulation, plus an ingenious air-flow system. It requires no power to maintain its constant temperature.  Once it’s paid for, that’s it – no more expenses except for the wine itself, of course!

If you’re at all interested in wine, then a Spiral Cellar is something you should consider.

But a cellar isn’t just extra storage... it’s the perfect place to store seasonal veg and potatoes, and hang game and hams. And all that delicious homemade jam and chutney will store perfectly down there so you can take full advantage of the hedgerow bounty or the Farmers’ Market!

Wine is a living product. Its ability to change with time is what makes it so interesting, but it also means that if it’s kept in the wrong conditions its quality can quickly be affected.


Temperature is the most critical aspect in storing wine. Store wine somewhere too hot and it ages quickly, rapidly losing its vibrancy and becoming tired and stale. The ideal temperature for wine is about 13˚C but five degrees or so either side of this is acceptable. The key is that there are no sudden fluctuations – wine likes things to change slowly – so while a gradual warming and cooling between winter and summer is not a problem the sort of daily temperature fluctuations seen in your attic, for example, do wine no favours at all. Insulated by the ground, Spiral Cellars keep wines at a steady temperature, allowing it to age gracefully.


Wine bottles need to be kept horizontal and in a slightly damp atmosphere to prevent the corks drying out. If corks do dry out they shrink, allowing air into the bottle and oxidising the wine. The recommended relative humidity is around 70% or more.

Clean, dark and quiet

Wine doesn’t like direct sunlight, noise or constant vibrations from, say, traffic. By storing it in a Spiral Cellar you give it the dark, silent environment that wine needs.

“It’s incredible that something so simple and that requires no real maintenance can work so efficiently.”

The cellar is a solid concrete construction that sits inside a waterproof lining, set into the ground. The earth around the cellar maintains a pretty constant temperature throughout the year, with slow gradual change of a few degrees from summer to winter. The Spiral Cellar therefore maintains an optimal cellar temperature of between 8-18ºC as the earth is acting as its insulation and ensures the cellar is vibration free.

The butyl waterproof lining keeps the cellar dry. However to maintain the appropriate humidity levels that wine requires, a passive ventilation system, using two pipes, enables a slow change of air within the cellar.

One pipe is fed from the external wall. We recommend 150mm – 200mm above ground. This feeds the Spiral Cellar at high level with cool air. A second pipe is located at the base of the Spiral Cellar, feeding up through the central spine, exiting the external wall 1800mm higher than the first pipe for best results. The difference in air pressure pulls the air from the Spiral Cellar rather like a chimney.

We acknowledge that the hot/cold airflow through the pipes seems to contradict the laws of physics, where warm air rises. The differential height of the vent pipes (1.5m between the two pipes) causes warm air to be sucked out through the top pipe and hence cold air flows in through the bottom pipe displacing the warm air. The positioning of the vent pipes is crucial to ensure an efficient wine cellar.

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White Spiral Cellar

White spiral cellar is improved original spiral cellar with a new design. It, in comparison with original, offers greater capacity, stunning white concrete for a clean and contemporary look, and is more spacious. More capacity - the ‘bins’ are now taller, enabling up to 27 Burgundy shaped bottles to fit comfortably. More light - the White Spiral Cellar is akin to limestone. It is a smooth, white concrete which provides a very luminous feel inside. Also, wine labels will not become scratched. More indulgence - We offer a LED system – a circular ring in the floor of the cellar, and a strip under each step. The effect is stunning, especially at night when the cellar is illuminated and is visible through a glass trap door option.

Оберіть монтаж
Повний - роботи по підготовці отвору для монтажу та власне встановлення погребу під ключ
Частковий - реалізація

Original Spiral Cellar

The Original Spiral Cellar is based on the design first developed by George Harnois more than 30 years ago, and remains popular with homeowners looking for good capacity and a reasonable investment. It is a very functional cellar, with a slightly rustic aesthetic. The soft grey finish creates a natural look while the bin size enables ample stacking space. It is a very functional cellar, with a slightly rustic aesthetic. Every Original Cellar has the same 2m diameter, but the depth varies depending on how many bottles you wish to store.

Оберіть монтаж
Повний - роботи по підготовці отвору для монтажу та власне встановлення погребу під ключ
Частковий - реалізація

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  • Retractable Round Glass Trap Door

    This door has two semi-circular glass panels. It has a motorised action dropping one of the panels, and then swivels under the other. Frame in stainless steel. Diameter: 1820mm.

    Вартість29 106 GBP
  • Hinged Round Glass Trap Door

    Two semi-circular glass panels are supported by a central cross bar, with a motorised door opening mechanism on one of the panels. Frame in stainless steel.

    Вартість14 553 GBP
  • Hinged Half Round Glass Trap Door

    One semi-circular glass panel supported by a central cross bar, with a motorised door opening mechanism. Frame in satin polished stainless steel.

    Вартість11 246 GBP
  • Rectangular Glass Trap Door

    This door has two glass squares supported by a central cross bar, with a motorised door opening mechanism. Frame in stainless steel.

    Вартість5 623 GBP
  • Heavy Duty Recessed Trap Door

    Recessed by 25mm to accommodate ceramic or natural stone tiles. with a motorised mechanism. Frame in stainless steel. Lifting mechanism: Electric motor and 1300N gas strut.

    Вартість8 600 GBP
  • Motorised Recessed Trap Door

    Designed to accommodate timber and ceramic or natural stone tiles up to 10mm thick (subject to specification confirmation), with a motorised mechanism. Frame in stainless steel.

    Вартість4 300 GBP
  • Recessed Trap Door for Timber

    Similar to the standard trap door – a four panel wooden door, but recessed to accommodate timber, engineered wooden floors and laminate to a maximum thickness of 18mm.

    Вартість1 985 GBP
  • Reinforced Trap Door

    The standard trap door – a four panel wooden door, but with reinforcement bars to take the loading of a vehicle. For installations in garages.

    Вартість2 249 GBP

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  • Flooring

    Karndean 'oak' effect

    Вартість891 GBP
  • Sisal matting

    Sisal carpet doesn't just add warmth to the look of an Original Spiral Cellar, it also lessens the risk of breakages when bottles are occasionally dropped. It is fitted to each of the steps as well as the central column and is then finished with black rubber nosing on the tread edges to provide a sure footing.

    Вартість490 GBP
  • Black leather matting

    Black leather matting is protective. The combination of black leather and white walls create an atmosphere of luxury.

    Вартість891 GBP
  • Brown leather matting

    Leather covering on the stairs performs not only practical function: prevents slipping or broken bottles, but also creates a special atmosphere in the cellar.

    Вартість891 GBP
  • LED lighting

    The White Spiral Cellar looks particularly stunning when the upgrade option of the LED system is chosen. Strips are positioned below each step and there is also a circular ring placed in the base of the cellar to create a contemporary, luminous look.

    Вартість1 985 GBP
  • Standard lighting

    The Original Spiral Cellar can be lit with simple bulk head lighting positioned at the bottom and top of the cellar.

    Вартість300 GBP
  • Safe

    Small ‘hotel room’ style safe that is fixed into one of the modules. This provides a secure facility for storing cash, jewellery and small items of value.

    Вартість304 GBP
  • Bottle stand

    Non-standard bottle shapes including Champagne, Alsace and half bottles can be accommodated in the cellar bins with the help of curved foam neck supports.

    Вартість34 GBP

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