Our Company

WINETIME shops chain was founded in 2010 as part of ASNOVA HOLDING by group of business partners, joint by passion for wine and confidence in the potential of the national market.

Experience and principles of ASNOVA HOLDING, developed over 20 years of operation, are underlying corporate culture of Wine Time and reflect the ideas of honesty, openness and long-term orientation.

As for today, Wine Time shop chain is operating in 15 regions of Ukraine. In the total area of more than 5000 sq.m. more than 3,000 products from all over the world are represented.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of Ukrainian people. We believe that this can only be achieved through consistent and steady realization of our business principles, which is also a guarantee of trust of our customers, whose daily choice ensures prosperity of our company. 

Our Philosophy

Careful selection of wines, always competitive price, highest quality service and social responsibility are the fundamental principles of our work.

We do our best to satisfy the refined tastes of wine connoisseurs as well as introduce our rich collection to those who are just beginning to learn the culture of wine.

Perfect quality of products, dissemination of  enogastronomic culture, compliance with legislation in all areas, decent working conditions and uncompromising respect for the consumption of alcohol by minors form the basis of social responsibility of the company.

Our Stores

Creating unique moments is easy. One ought just to stop repeating WINETIME allows you literally every day to discover new flavors and colors, with a wine glass to read the story of new lands. Feel like a man of the world, enjoying the best producers’ works of the five continents. It’s easy to pick up an exquisite culinary accompaniment to your favorite drink. And, of course, the most important gastronomic component - live talk. Ideal for any drink, the best for any dish. Actually, in WINETIME we prefer to be a club than a shop. Drop by for something special.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? First get to know hitherto unknown taste, the first time felt delight, enthusiasm, love? In Wine Time we actually specialize in creating the first and unique experience. For ourselves and our guests. All of us are travelers on the path of discovery.

With an assortment of Wine Time gastro market, you can every day meet with unknown, with a wine glass to read the story of new countries and continents. Today flavor of Lacryma Christi lead you the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, and tomorrow with a sip of Malbec you are carried away across the ocean to the foot of the Andes.

We do not invite you to the store - just call round the world trip across lands where grapes or corn only growing. Wines of Old Europe compete with drinks from New World, Africa or Australia. And for the lovers of strong product we can offer a unique range of whiskey, brandy, rum, etc.

Alcohol can easily act solo, but a number of its faces are revealed when accompanied by dishes. It is easy for your favorite beverage to find appropriate support, dozens of cheese different kinds of, meat specialties and sauces and of course, chocolate and other sweets.

And, of course, the most important gastronomic component - live talk. Perfect for any drink, the best seasoning for any dish. We aim to create no outlets, but rather clubs for communication where, in addition to shopping, easy to find interesting company.

Every traveler needs a compass and map – a certified sommelier will help you to be oriented in a variety of flavors and aromas. Weekly we in WINETIME teach all interested person the language of wine at degustation lectures. Actually you can become a sommelier yourself after classes at our school.

Once started our way from Ivano-Frankivsk, we are now represented in 15 regions of Ukraine.  Each new store opening a thousand future discoveries of our guests. With your every visit we are ready to offer something you have not experienced. Drop by for something special.

From time to time lectures-degustations are held by wineries representatives – so the clients are able to communicate with people who actually create the wine.